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Our PDOP bylaws require a dues (it is very nominal but is a way of ensuring people are legitimate members).

3.1. Dues for members shall be in the amount of ten ($10) dollars per adult annually. Children or underage dependents of dues paying members shall be considered members by virtue of their dues paying parents, however, will not have a vote. Dues must be paid to the PDOP Treasurer no later than January 15th of each year.

The $10 per year per adult covers the social events for free.  This includes for instance wet and wild, entertainment centers, movies etc bar b ques etc and is free for everyone.

Children in the household are free.

Pay your dues below.

Once we get your dues, we will add you to our PDOP membership e-mail list, and you will start getting notices.

Pay Membership Dues

Adult Dues

Membership dues for adult in household.
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Child Dues

Children are included free with adult membership.  Children are defined as anyone under the age of 18.   This will ring up as a penny as Paypal has no way of tracking a no cost item.  
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