Every 39 minutes

David Boruchowitz PDOP President and Stephanie Lopez Positive Pahrump Founder approached PVHS Principal Veloz about concerns regarding teenage partying surrounding prom this weekend.

A plan was devised to do a campaign to bring awareness to the fact that a person dies every 39 minutes due to impaired driving in the United States.

A car crash sound was played over the speakers in the high school every 39 minutes yesterday and this short video message was shared with students staff and parents.

Please take the time to discuss safety with your teenagers.

In the words of Principal Veloz,
 "This weekend, it is our hope that students will be safe, responsible, and make life-long memories!  Please encourage your student to have a substance-free prom night; plan a safe ride home; and never ride with an impaired driver!"

Together we can make a difference.